happy memorial day
\və-ˈrä-(ˌ)gō, -ˈrā-; ˈvir-ə-ˌgō\
Middle English, from Latin viragin, from vir man
14th century

1:  a woman of great stature, strength, and courage
2:  a loud overbearing woman

lunch tastes so much better in the park

lunch tastes so much better on the roof

Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.

-currently the "Train of Thought" on the back of my MetroCard by Arthur Schopenhauer

gulf of mexico
Hello all!  I was recently interviewed by fellow artist and friend Erin Faith Allen..  The interview and some of my images are now featured on her blog. Please take a look.  While you're there don't forget to look through Erin's mixed media work. It's very honest and beautiful and well worth the time to click on over.
Click HERE to read the interview and see my featured work.  And once again, thank you everyone for your kind words and support.  I really appreciate it.  Close the window and open a door...