Many of you know that I have been working on my "digital polaroids" for quite some time now.  I have been entering many contests and calls for entry.  Who knows what the next step will be...? But in the meantime please take a look at a recent submission.  A self-portrait portfolio.  Not to mention Mr. Steve Buscemi himself is one of the judges.  I know just last night I put out the word to many of you that you can personally vote for my portfolio. Unfortunately and unbeknownst to me the voting also ended last night at midnight.  Eh.  But I want to say thank you so much to everyone for the awesome positive response and feedback!  Thank you to those of you who managed to eek in a vote.   Thank you to those of you who had the intentions of voting and are still asking me, "Where the hell do I vote?!". Thank you and all my love.
-Nicole Sommer
"the redhead"

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